"You May Now Kiss the Bride..."
                    All three countries are very differnt and similar in their own ways.  We notice that all weddings have some sort of wedding recetption, wear a piece of clothing that is significant on their big day, and more. Uganda's traditional weddings are very similar to arranged marriages.  Althought they are not, having a man seek his bride could be mistaken for arranged.   Uganda, like the other countries celebrate life and the start of a new chapter.  Each country wears beautiful pieces of clothing that show they are the brides.  The grooms wear an attire that each are very similar.  They all wear a jacket of some sort like part of a suit or a type of men's club jacket.  After reading and understanding more about these countries, we come to understand we all have similarities and differences.


  • Uganda is very man powered meaning the man seeks his wife
  • Scottish men wear a kilt while Japanese and Ugandian men wear pants or a type of pants
  • Japanese ceremonies are held at a shrine
  • Ugandian men have to offer gifts for the bride's parents to want in order to try and wed her
  • Scottish weddings are held in a church
  • Scottish men taunt their grrom at the end of the stag party.  These other countires do not humiliate their groom or bride


  • All women wear some sort of dress like the Kimono
  • All weddings are a celebration of new and lasting love
  • All weddings happen at a significant place
  • These weddings also signify the joining of families, not only the joining of two people
These are just some of the few similaties and differences between all three countries.  If I were to guess which ceremony is most like ours, I would have to choose Scotland because, some of our weddings are held in churches, the planning is very similar to ours, using the checklist I provided.  There frequently are bachlor and bachloette parties the night before.